„Forever us“,  TV  feature film, Germany 2023/24 – in postproduction


Colour, 89 min

Word premiere at Filmfest Munich, 5th of july 24 (competition „New German Television“)
Broadcasting premiere: 2024 in ARD – Das Erste (wednesday 20:15)


In a system that has been tried and tested over the years, 16-year-old Jann shields his mother Lina from the outside world. When Jann falls in love with Selma, who is a year older than him, he is less and less able to keep his family secret. Selma and Jann’s love causes his previous world to collapse, but in the end it also gives him the strength he needs to claim a new place in life. And just as Jann is learning to give up responsibility for his mentally ill mother, he gives Lina the chance for professional help.


Director: Johannes Schmid
Screenplay: Thomas Schmid/Johannes Schmid
Casting: Daniela Tolkien
Director of photography: Michael Bertl, bvk
Set Design: Thomas M. Schmid
Costume Design: Elisabeth Kraus
Makeup Design: Sylvia Niehues, Kathrin Schäfer
Editing: Bernd Schlegel
Film Composer: Michael Heilrath
Sound mixing: Benedikt Uebe
Commissioning Editor (WDR): Andrea Hanke
Producers: Philipp Budweg


With: Philip Günsch, Marie Leuenberger, Mina-Giselle Rüffer, Stefan Maaß, Vincent Hahnen, Artur Sorokin, Anna Holter, Michael Kamp, Ferdi Ötzen, Linus Bade, Antonia Riet and others.


A production by Lieblingsfilm GmbH for WDR/ARD – Das Erste

Festivals and Awards

Filmfest Munich 2024 (world premiere), competition „New german television“

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